National Curriculum Subject Areas

We teach an English curriculum based on the National Curriculum.  Reading, Writing and Spoken Language are pivotal to everything we do throughput the whole curriculum here at Linton Primary School. 
Reading for enjoyment and pleasure is promoted throughout our school.  
We support our Children to become skilled word readers and have good comprehension skills.
Our pupils follow a synthetic Phonic system.  The Read, Write, Inc  programme and resources are used with children from Early Years and throughout KS1.  Reading is assessed through continuous teacher assessment and individually tailored interventions giving further support put in place where necessary.
Read, Write, Inc Fresh Start materials are used in KS2 as intervention where necessary. 
In EYFS children begin reading books using the 'Jelly & Bean' scheme as they promote a secure foundation based on the synthetic phonics programme taught.  they then move on to Read, Write, Inc books, supplemented with other texts which are matched the the individual child's needs to provide a breadth of rich reading material and experiences.   In KS2 as well as paper books children access an online reading platform, 'Reading Plus', personalised to their own reading speed and need which they can access both at school and at home. 
Developing and promoting language skills through reading and analysing  a range of texts which include fiction, non fiction and poetry helps our children to become confident speakers. 
We recognise that not all of our children have the opportunity to read and enjoy books at home.
In school children are given opportunities to read independently, read to adults and peers, and be read to by an adult.   this supports their word reading their comprehension skills, develops a rich vocabulary and helps to foster a love of reading. 
High quality texts are used to support writing as cross school.  Materials from the 'Center for Literacy in Primary Education' (CLPE) are used to deliver units of work supporting engagement through a supportive approach.   
We draw on our practicable experience of the wider world from the off-site visits to exciting places that enrich our curriculum to stimulate and inspire our children to write. 
The Read, Write, Inc synthetic phonics programme and resources delivered from EYFS and throughout KS1 helps our children to become secure readers, spellers and handwriters.
We have high expectation for handwriting and presentation throughout school and encourage children to take  great pride in the work they produce across the curriculum. 
Assessment in the form of high quality oral feedback and written comments allows children the opportunity to see how to improve their work, build on their skills and recognise their own progress.  
Opportunities to talk are woven into our entire curriculum and throughout the school day.  we recognise that this is a key way for children to develop their learning in terms of how they process information and understand the world around them.  
Children are supported to share their ideas, participate in presentations and debates and are regularly challenged to explain and elaborate on opinions giving reasons for their thinking in all aspects of school life.  
Children across our school age range contribute to performances by both writing and taking part in them.  
At Linton Primary School we place a high importance on reasoning and problem solving from an early age.  We believe that is vital that children experience maths through real life experiences and have plenty of opportunities to use and apply their skills across the curriculum.   
We use the White Rose scheme of planning and believe using a concrete, pictorial and abstract process allows children to develop securely across their learning building confidence, resilience, and a p[passion for maths.  
We place a high emphases of children knowing their times tables and number bonds.   We aim to shape assured, happy and resilient mathematicians. who relish the challenge of maths.
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