Linton Primary School Governors

We have a dedicated team of Governors at Linton Primary School, all of whom kindly give up their time to  ensure the children receive the best possible education. They do this by acting as a critical friend to Mrs Mason and staff. They monitor the work of the school through visits and regular committee meetings which look at finance, staffing, premises the curriculum and performance management.                         


Governor Category Name Term of Office
Chair of Governors:  Mr Michael Watson
  11.11.19 - 10.11.23     
Vice Chair:    Mrs Elaine Hamilton 
  28.07.17 - 27.07.21
Parent Governor: Mrs Claire Pickering   01.03.19 - 28.02.23
Parent Governor: Appointment in process June 2020   
Headteacher Governor Mrs Samantha Mason   n/a
Non Voting Clerk: Mrs Paula Brown  n/a
Co-Opted Governor: Miss Lorraine Watson    06.10.14 - 05.10.22
Co-Opted Governors:   Mr Anthony Veitch   19.03.18 - 18.03.22
Staff Governor - Support Staff:  Mrs Joanne Birbeck   01.04.14 - 31.03.22
Associate Governor Mrs Alexandra Hastie   01.11.18 - 30.12.22
Local Authority Governor  Gillian Knights    


The following people have now stepped down as members of the Governing Body within the past 12 months:  Parent Governors are appointed by means of ballot.

Miss Rachel Lavery, Parent Governor