Whole School Visit to Beamish ~ Oct 2019

Pupils recently enjoyed a whole school trip to Beamish Open Air Museum.  The trip was to support our current topic ‘Seasons of Change’ and included key learning areas of the history curriculum.

 As well as having time to explore the mine and various museum attractions the children took part in age related workshops.

 Class 1 Workshop ~ Help Clean Up                                                       Pupils worked in groups doing various domestic chores in the Pit Cottage. These included cleaning, tidying, washing the clothes and beating the rugs, they even had to clean the loo!.  The children gained a good understanding of how the domestic life of a miners family was in the early 1900’s and explored the differences and similarities between home lives now and then.

 Class 2 Workshop ~ Money for Old Rope                                                      Pupils gained employment in the rope factory, hoping to make as much money as they could.  However, under strict Victorian factory rules, they soon realised that it wasn't as easy as they first thought!

Please take a look at some of our photographs from the day.