We offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced in content to develop the skills, attributes and knowledge of each pupil in our care.

We aim to prepare all our pupils for their future lives and encourage them to make a positive contribution to society. We have included the best of our local features to help the children develop their sense of their place in the world and visits play a large part of the curriculum we offer.

In Pre-Reception and Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and at Key Stage 1 and 2 we follow the National Curriculum (2014).  Our curriculum widens to include personal, social, health and economic education. The range of experiences we provide focus on developing the whole child and we actively look to make the curriculum relevant for our pupils, their needs and interests.


New Whole School Curriculum

Year of Rolling Programme   

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term



Mind Over Matter

Looking at overcoming adversity, developing a ‘Growth Mindset’.

What provides individuals with the motivation and determination to succeed?

Fight for Survival

Investigating settlements, communities and food chains.

What are the characteristics of success and failure?

Incredible Journeys

Taking a look at habitats, migration and nomadic lifestyles.

What drives them on?


Seasons of Change

Charting changes in the environment and over time. Exploring how to cope with change.

How can we use change to our advantage? 


 Home Grown
Influential individuals from our region who have changed our lives locally, nationally and globally. What are the effects of innovation?
 Hidden World
Using charts, maps and information to establish areas that remain enigmatic. What lies in wait - is still to come?



Unknown Universe

 Space exploration, breakthroughs and new discoveries. How are we changing the world?


Heroes and Villains

Taking a closer look at making and breaking the rules. Who’s got talent and influence?

The Greatest Gift

Discussing and debating the impact of talent.

What impact will you have on the world?


Secrets of the Deep

 Examining innovation underground and underwater.

What will the impact of new discoveries be?

The Weird and the Wonderful

Looking at civilizations and discoveries that have  surprised, astounded and amazed.

What is the value of having an open mind?


Awesome Explorers

Considering who we remember and why.      Delving into methods of recording.

What are the common characteristics of adventure?


For more information on the EYFS profile, please follow the link below


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Our Team

Teaching and Support staff work together to plan the content of the Curriculum. Our Strategic & Development Committee of the Governing Body works along side us, and are actively involved in planning, training and monitoring our work, to ensure that we are meeting the children’s needs.

Staff meet each week and include curriculum review, scrutiny of work, subject knowledge and assessment as part of their regular schedule. As our teaching team is small we have responsibility for the areas listed below and share responsibility for other subjects.

Member of StaffAreas of Responsibility
Samantha Mason

SENDCO, Early Years, Assessment, Literacy, Science, Art  

Rachel Robertson


Rachel Pape

Religious Education

Anthony Vietch

Physical Education

The Strategic & Development Committee meet termly, chaired by  Rachel Lavery. They have a series of topics to discuss each year which are decided by our School Improvement Plan.

Pupils have a say in our curriculum too. In Class 1 the children plan their topic alongside staff to add their interests and viewpoint to our topics.

When you open up each Key Stage you will find out more about the staff who are working with your children.