Throughout the year pupils are assessed by staff, informally and formally. We do this to monitor pupils’ progress, against themselves and national standards.

Our assessment takes three forms

  • Formative assessment indicates what we need to do next for a pupil
  • Summative assessment gives an overall level achieved
  • Statutory assessment is required to take place nationally for all pupils of a certain age, achievements are reported to the Local Authority and Department for Education

At the beginning of each year we establish a baseline and this is what we measure individual progress against.

From September 2014, National Curriculum levels have been removed, so we are no longer recording progress in terms of the levels you are familiar with, ie Levels 1, 2 and 3.

At Linton we are going to assess pupils against the new attainment targets of the National Curriculum and they will be recorded as either:

  • Emerging - not yet achieving expected levels for that year group
  • Expected - achieving expected levels for thir year group
  • Exceeding - working above the levels expected for that year group
Year Group Statutory Assessment

End of Reception

End of foundation stage - Early Years Profile

Year 1

Phonics Test
Year 2

Re-test of pupils who did not meet Y1 phonics standard.

End of Key Stage 1 assessment (SATs)