Holidays in Term Time


At Linton Primary School, holidays taken during term time will be unauthorised, unless there are  exceptional circumstances as to why.  In considering the decision whether to authorise, the following will be taken into account:-

  • Whether the reasons given for the holiday are deemed exceptional.
  • Your child’s previous attendance record; this includes attendance in the current academic year which     should be over 96% - as well as attendance in previous academic years.
  • Whether your child will miss any important assessments, tests or examinations (or important       preparation for their tests)

The Governing Body has taken the decision to issue a £60 fine per child to families taking unauthorised holidays.  This decision has not been taken lightly and has been based on attendance being a major focus for school improvement.

We do understand the cost implications that come with booking holidays in school holiday times but would urge you to please carefully consider your decision and the detrimental effect it is proven to have on a child's education. 

we hope you will support our efforts to raise attendance and attainment at our school.