Whole School trip to Seven Stories, National Centre for Childrens Books

1st September 2016
The whole school enjoyed a fantastic trip to Seven Stories in Newcastle on Wednesday 14th September. 
EYFS & KS1 took part in the 'Rhymes Around the World' workshop whilst KS2 enjoyed reading and acting out scenes from Author Michael Morpurgo's novel Kensuke's Kingdom.
Pupils were asked to write an account of the trip, one of our Y6 pupils wrote...
Yesterday we went to Seven Stories in Newcastle to learn about Michael Morpurgo.  The whole school went on the bus but Mrs Robertson and Mrs Adkins had to go in Mrs Robertson's car because we ran out of space.  We were going to get inspiration from his books. 
We went to the studio and met Professor Elena.  She told us the only thing that rhymed with her name was 'biscuit container'! She read us a book called Kensuke's Kingdom.  It was good.  then we had to pretend we were talking in a different language.  I thought Thomas William was great at it. 
 Next we went to the gallery to look at some of Michael Morpurgo's writing.  My favourite was War Horse because I love horses.  there was a big wooden horse in the middle and I liked how they made it.  We did an activity about a stranded narwhal and I had to act as the animal and have a long horn on my head.  I used my arm for the horn.
 A Y2 pupil wrote....
We went on a bus to Newcastle, the trip was good, the bus was funny !  Seven Stories is a tower.  The tower was tall it had 7 stories.