This includes reading, writing and spoken language and we use Hamilton Trust scheme of work and plans as the framework to teach the National Curriculum.

Spoken Language - Statutory Requirements
   Years 1 - 6                                                     
  • Listen and respond appropriately to adults and peers
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Use relevant strategies to build vocabulary
  • Articultate and justify answers, arguemtns and opinions
  • Give well structures descriptions, explanations and narratives for different purposes
  • Maintain attention and participate actively in conversations
  • Use spoken language to develop understanding
  • Speak audibly and fluently
  • Participate in discussions
  • Gain, maintain and monitor the interest of listeners
  • Consider and evaluate different viewpoints
  • Use appropriate tone for effective communication


Programme of Study
Year 3 & Year 4            


  •  Word reading
  •  Comprehension


  • Transcription
  • Spelling
  • Handwriting
  • Composition
  • Vocabulalry, grammar and punctuation

In reading, comprehension takes precedence over teaching word reading. When pupils are reading longer words they try out different pronunciations. Children bring home a reading book and library book each week and there is a home link book which staff and parents can use to share information about progress. Please continue to support your child by hearing them read each time they bring a book home. During Years 3 and 4 many pupils complete our reading scheme books and move towards independent reading where they tackle novels and longer texts. We encourage reading for pleasure, and our school and class library is well used by pupils in Year 3 and 4. We loan books from the Schools Library Service so children have access to high quality resources.

Our approach to writing encourages children to try a wide range of styles and for different purposes. Often writing occurs in topic work, as this gives children the opportunity to write in a real context. Grammar is taught explicitly and we have a list of terminology and concepts that we are to teach. 

Handwriting is taught in a joined style.